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Operating Lamp

U6 Halogen light

Scientific U6
U6 the Series surgery shadowless lamp series, outline the conception comes from the outer space ˇ§UFOˇ¨ model. Performs the conformity using the Taiwan semiconductor high technology and the Japanese outer space optics material, avoid long time operation the intensity of the light to injure of surgeon's eyes, and when busy about needs the convenience holds controls and not is restrained the operating room altitude demand, researches and develops this high technology and fine the surgery shadowless lamp.

1.Suspension system :

Strong is designed for U6 suspension. Focus on the stable and safe, and can easy achieve the any illumination angle of user demand. LCH suspension structure, the surgical lamp can be installed perfectly even with the height of 235cm. The not unnecessary joint of the lamp arm so cannot lose controls the direction. It adopts disk-type spring to perfectly balance the lamp cap to prevent unstable movement after long time operation.

2.Power supply system :

Use the switch power supply system same as Taiwan high tech wafer factory level. Because of stabilizes the power source to output may obtain stabilizes the illumination. Therefore the intensity of illumination cannot have the glitter along with the voltage change. Each surgical lamp is equipped with independent transformer for Max. load of 350W, which exceeds the actual load 150W for each surgical lamp. The duration and quality are well ensured.

3. Control system :

(IR remote controller and control panel on the cupola)
Each surgical light is equipped with dual control system. IR remote controller and control panel on the cupola are both controllable at the same time. The IR remote controller can be applied as main control system, when it failure or run out of battery (replaceable), control panel on the cupola can be used as backup control system. The first spare bulb will be interchanged within 0.1sec when the main bulb failed. (If by any chance, when the first spare bulb failed, the second spare bulb will be automatic start within 0.1sec) The alert system will be started with one buzz per minute. The alert can be switched to mute by either IR remote controller or the control panel on the cupola.

4. Sterilizable handle :

Sterilizable handle can be used to adjust the position of the lamp and focus. Isolates completely with frame, cannot touch part of not have make the disinfection. Sterilizable handle can be re-used after sterilization to prevent contamination.

5. Reflector :

Superior and high-efficiency heat glasses filter, special-designed reflector offer to get the streamline shape. High efficiency reflector with multilateral mirror designed to fit into the dome that delivers a consistent beam of light, achieves the best light.

6. Soften Lens :

U6 series lampshade is made by strong and durable polycarbonate material, as very firmly as the shield does not have worry of the embrittlement, with 4,760 lenses special designed, which is nearly 100% insulating UV rays.When preliminary equalization reflected light projection lampshade, the special design 4760 convex lens to rally once more, enable it to have the rule, the effective projection in the surgery region, and let the light more soften and equalization. But also at the long time operations, soften the intensity of the light, can prevent to injure of surgeon's eye.

7. Illumination :

It adopts bulb of Germany original factory manufacture without re-colouring. It features economical of power supply, easy to replace and efficient in true color rendition to avoid blue halo on the operating area. Each lamp cap equipped with 1 main bulb and 2 spare bulbs. Automatic interchanged when a bulb failure.

8. Heat Insulation :

It adopts the eight piece type of heat insulation lens of the outer space high technology of Japanese factory manufacture. Superior optical filter absorbs heat emissions, reduces irradiant, controls and balance between color temperature (K) and color rendering index (CRI)